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Mothers Day is a day for recognizing and appreciating our moms. This year, I feel fortunate that one of my colleagues, Renee Trudeau, provided me with her book, “The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal” as a gift I could forward to the subscribers to my e-newsletter. I received a couple notes from readers expressing their gratitude.

The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal is written as a reminder to the importance of self-care. My testimonial, “…it is a powerful and life-shifting book for every mom who continuously falls to the bottom of her ‘to-do’ list and forgets about the things that make her happy and feel her best. This practical and life-affirming resource empowers moms to reflect, renew and rejuvenate.” Although the offer for the free download has expired, the book is still available through major bookstores and online.

This past weekend, I did celebrate Mother’s day and surrounded myself with a nurturing and loving environment. After taking my mom out to lunch on Saturday afternoon with my two children, I brought my daughter and two friends to her dance competition and enjoyed watching the performances and skillful dancers. I also enjoyed connecting with other moms! Unfortunately, it was a late night! We got home after midnight.

After a restless night sleep due to over-exhaustion, I awoke to the sounds of my son hobbling through the kitchen on his crutches as he prepared breakfast for me. As I listened, a smile filled my heart! My son set his alarm clock so that he could awaken before me to prepare my favorite breakfast. How wonderful!! It tasted so good!

My daughter and her friend awakened late in the morning and washed my car after they helped themselves to breakfast. Again, a wonderful moment to accept love and be ever so grateful! I relaxed all day,and even took a nap. What a superb way of nurturing myself while my children expressed their love to me.

My husband made me my favorite dinner and cleaned up the entire mess afterwards.

For my Mother’s Day, I slowed down, relaxed, and gave myself permission to absorb the love around me. Hope you did something special as well!

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