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They manage the tasks of everyday living for the busy individual, that somebody that needs help balancing the responsibilities of their personal and professional lives, or one that simply is unable to complete their must do “to do list”  Real Solutions developed by Real People who happen to be Mother and Daughter.  Genuine and dedicated would define us as a family and as a Company. Highly skilled and experienced yet an affordable option that never compromises quality and always respects the varied lifestyles and needs of our clients.  The weekly drudgery of grocery shopping, managing the mail and the monthly bills, the standard week to week errands, getting the household and paperwork organized is just a fraction of the services our resource provides to make the lives of those we work for easier by simply completing their tasks and saving them time and money.  Learn more about who we are, our qualifications and the services and solutions that are available at


Virtual Bookkeeping

Virtual Bookkeeping provides a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services to businesses through secure Internet technology.  We recognize that good, reliable bookkeeping procedures are critical to a successful business.
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Coach-Parenting will show you how you can coach yourself and your children by applying a set of skills and techniques in almost any parenting situation, at any time.

Lisa Silvershein founded Ark Career Coaching in 2004. The mission of Ark Career Coaching is to support people throughout their career lifecycle. They help people actively navigate their future by identifying their strengths, passions and skills to create a vision of success. They work with their clients to leverage their strengths and to achieve their dreams.  Lisa is not only a professionally colleague who I met at a coaching conference but someone I trust and admire who has become a good personal friend of mine.  I recommend her highly to anyone looking specifically for Career Coaching!



VistaPrint is making high-quality graphic design and custom printing convenient and affordable for everyone. With more than 7,000,000 customers worldwide, VistaPrint is the source for high-quality graphic design, Internet printing and premium service.
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