Client Testimonials

 “I worked with Natalie to evaluate and work-through some career choices that I had. She truly is the Priority Pro. She helped me to see the best path forward and to create a plan for implementation. I value her guidance and would strongly recommend her to others.”

~ K. Ferguson, Pharmaceutical Executive Director 

“Just wanted to share with you what I learned today.  My assistant was in tears yesterday and was on cloud 9 today. I asked her why the sudden turn around and she shared with me that she loves “Natalie” days!   How powerful.  I had NO IDEA that the staff was that sensitive to my mind set, which made me in turn think about kevins effect on my mind set as well. I shared this with him and he was pretty enlightened. 

 As a result, My assistant will be hanging a sign above her desk reading ” I can’t wait for Natalie day!”

~ V. Vlacancich, COO

“Natalie Gahrmann is the priority queen! She is extremely knowledgeable, sincere, kind and always focused on helping others achieve the results they want in their work and personal life. I heard Natalie speak at a professional businesswomen’s event and hired her shortly thereafter to work with me as my executive coach. Natalie brings practical and insightful strategies and tips on how to make both your work and home life more productive and sane. I recommend Natalie as both a speaker and a coach. Everyone needs her productivity tips because she personalizes them to work for each individual based on their own personal strengths. Natalie has left me with life-long skills to use throughout my career as well as in my personal life.”  

~ Dr. Aliya F. Browne D.O. FACC, Cardiologist

 ”Coaches come and go but few have been walking the talk as long as Natalie. For over a decade, moms of have been informed and empowered by her advice.  She’s insightful and smart but best of all she’s persistent in her pursuit to help moms integrate life, family and self.”

~ Maria Bailey, Founder and CEO,

 ”…I cannot even find the right words to convey how much you have helped me change my life. I know I will still meet challenges, but I now have tools to deal with them as well as you as my coach forever. I truly appreciate the time you spent with me over these last 10 months. We will definitely stay in touch. Thanks for all of your help.”

~ M. Hughes, Hospital Finance Director

“Coaching has helped me in several ways:  (1) makes me accountable to do the things I say I will (its good to have someone who will ask how it went and to discuss it); (2) gives me another perspective and helps me deterine a way forward to accomplish things I wish to do; (3) provides me with a great sounding board, to work through things, that I don’t have clarity on; (4) gave me a methodology on how to prioritize my work/life and what is important to me (questions to ask myself when I’m starting to feel overwhelmed); (5) the perspective and advice, and ability to help myself is something that I can actually use in my day-to-day job to share and help others. ” 

~ H. Buscher, HR Manager

“Thank you so much for your terrific assistance with my issues. When I asked for the makeover, I anticipated we would be working on boundaries, but after talking with you (and boy do you ask great questions!), I realized how my list and lack of being in the moment was restricting me. I am slowly making changes and appreciating my kids more. Thank you for your generosity with your talent and time and thank you for your honesty.”

~ A. Rowan, Parenting Magazine (mom makeover candidate)


“Natalie was tremendously helpful in helping me grow both professionally and personally over the last two years. When one gets caught up in the day to day runnings of life, it’s easy to lose focus and spread yourself too thin. Natalie is great at re-directing the energy needed to stay focused, organized and on track to help you accomplish your goals! As the old adage says, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink”. Natalie will help you lead yourself to the water and you’ll want to gulp every drop.”
~ Dr. P.M. Aiello D.C., Chiropractor

“Natalie brings her vision, commitment, and passion for uncovering what matters most in my life. Our coaching sessions are empowering, forwarding and thought-provoking. My family and I lead extraordinary lives as a result.”
~ Dr. P. Berardinelli, University Professor

“You have given me a sense of wellness and direction in my work as well as in my many other more important roles. I very much appreciate the time and support you provided during a pretty crazy period.”
~ C. Andrews, Corporate Sales Executive

“Natalie helped me get over and plow through many things that were in my life and to focus on the business. Long story short, my checks went up ~10x. Results will vary but Natalie’s commitment will not.”
~ J. Ferreri, Self-Employed Entrepreneur

“Thank you for coaching me to create more balance and success in my home-based business. Your systems have helped me reach my goals. To release the guilt and false expectations has enabled me to have fun and enjoy each small accomplishment. Learning to be more consistent with my daily living is a satisfying and fulfilling achievement. Having The Priority Pro as a partner has given me additional skills and helped me create different word pictures to achieve my personal, family, and business goals.”
~ T. Edwards, Small Business Owner

“Though I was always able to set goals, I somehow was never able to get there. Coaching has helped me focus on getting rid of the obstacles in my way in order for me to ‘get there’.”
~ C. Brown, Business Manager

“The Priority Pro is very effective in getting to “real issues” and reframing situations. I found this helpful because I didn’t waste trying to work on unimportant issue but rather honed in on those that were the most critical to my goals.”
~ S. DeLuca, Leadership Coaching client

“You have really helped me to develop clarity in terms of what I want to be doing, and developed awareness of the strengths and experience that I will bring to that.”
~ J. Thomas, Career Coaching client

“I have been working with The Priority Pro for several months to help me transition to a job outside the corporate environment. She has been incredibly helpful in allowing me to focus on what is truly important to me and to take the outlook that things are possible if you look at them a different way. The Priority Pro is very easy to talk to and inspires great trust and confidence. I truly appreciate her insights and look forward to our coaching sessions each week.”
~ M. Cuschieri, Career Coaching Client

“About 10 months ago, I was so overwhelmed at work, I just wanted to throw my career away and go work at a fast food restaurant . I knew I had to make changes in my life and I feel so fortunate to have found you on the web. Your persistence and support really helped me change my life. There are so many things you helped me with I couldn’t possibly name them all such as conflict management, my part-time proposal, job structure, time management, saying “no”, prioritizing and just questioning the way I have always managed my days. I think the biggest change you helped me with was teaching me to delegate tasks I don’t need to do and/or don’t enjoy doing. Every time my phone rings or I get a new request, my first thought is now, who should do this. It used to never even enter my mind as a consideration. It was automatically going to be me that should do it. Now I question and look for others to help me. Again, I cannot even find the right works to convey to you how much you have helped me change my life. I now I will still meet challenges, but I now have tools to deal with them as well as my coach forever. I truly appreciate the time you spent with me over these last 10 months. We will definitely stay in touch. Thanks for all your help!”
~ M. Hughes, Career & Leadership Coaching Client

“The Priority Pro’s caring, love, and compassion towards me have propelled me closer to my goal than I ever dreamed possible in such a short time. She has given me many insights into my life and has shared with me many exercises that have taught me so much about my life and myself.”
~ T. Kelman, Personal Life Coaching Client