Preferred Set-up


Natalie Gahrmann, The Priority Pro, knows what is required to get her presentation delivered with class and perfection ensuring maximum impact and great results for the audience. The good news is she doesn’t require much. The following is a list of her ideal requirements and preferences.

Natalie  is committed to doing her best presentation for you. If some of the following is difficult to arrange then let us reach some comprise and ensure the presentation is not sabotaged because of ineffective room setup or equipment.

Equipment Preferences:

• 1 flip chart or dry erase board with markers and eraser.

• 1 wireless Lavaliere microphone with public address amplification system (for groups larger than 75).

• at least two wireless hand-held microphones to be used when connecting with individuals from the audience (for larger audiences or those being taped).

• 1 LCD projector system with wireless hand-held remote.

• 1 fixed screen.

• 1 small round table with tablecloth for projector, laptop.

• 1 podium or bar height  round table with tablecloth for notes and/or props.

Room Set-Up Preferences:

The ideal setting for each program is mostly determined by the content and nature of the presentation, as well as the venue.  For interactive sessions, a U-shaped or crescent rounds work best with name badges visible (first name very LARGE).  For keynotes and larger presentations, theater style with the front rows seats within 3-5 meters of the platform would be ideal with steps leading down to the ground seating level.

• Lighting usually works best at a medium level rather than full glare to help create the atmosphere of openness leading to optimum sharing and listening.

• Water is essential while Natalie presents. Please provide bottled water or a pitcher near the podium.

• The audience usually likes taking notes.  Handouts are provided for some presentations. Please ensure that the audience members have access to a pen and paper prior to beginning the program.

• Please help minimize distractions for the audience members as well as the presenter.

• Natalie likes to connect with her audience before and after her presentation and meet anyone with questions.  Her preference is to have a table set-up at the back of the room for her products that is staffed with a representative from the Organization to assist with transactions.

• An introduction is provided ahead of time.  It is preferred that Natalie meets the person introducing her either by phone or in-person prior to the event.

Terms of Engagement

  • Available for keynote, workshop,  lunch-n-learn or half-day programs.
  • 50% deposit to hold date; balance due the day of the event.
  • Interest calculated based on agreed payment terms.
  • Expenses customarily additional fee, unless full package price is quoted.
  • Videotaping or other recording negotiated separately.
  • Client completes pre-program questionnaire and is available for input to custom design. We work with our clients to design and deliver a high-quality program that uniquely meets your needs.
  • We retain all rights to the intellectual property provided as part of the speaking agreement. Materials may not be reproduced, recorded, filmed, distributed, resold, etc. without the express written permission from Natalie Gahrmann.

If our terms do not meet your needs, but the content and expertise does, call anyway. We are open to negotiating!