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It’s not just about time management, stress management, work-life balance or productivity but all these things combined to help you overcome what we call Obsessive Distraction Disorder (or O.D.D. for short!).

The Result is Congruency, Joy & Happiness!


Through individual coaching, group coaching, training programs and seminars, keynote presentations, and writing articles and a book, The Priority Pro has successfully helped SuperBusy people develop strategies, support and structures that allow them to be their best personally and professionally. She can work with you to help you do the same. Stop being tired of feeling overwhelmed, under-appreciated, and highly stressed by working with the Priority Pro!

Here’s what you need to do:


What Will Boosting Productivity, Performance and Joy do for YOU?


N-R-G Coaching Associates began in 1997 as Personal Best Coaching & Development. As the company grew, it evolved and changed its name in 2000 to help better position the company to carry-out its mission to eNeRGize people to be their best at work and in ife. We became a hub of information on the web in 2002 when we launched our websites www.nrgcoaching.com and www.superbusyparent.com.

The e-newsletter first began as “Practical Tips for Working Parents” in 1999 and later evolved to be “Success Tips for Super Busy Parents” after publishing, “Succeeding as a Super Busy Parent” in 2002. The book contained many of the tips that were in the first few years of the e-newsletter and many new ones to round out the book and make it a viable resource.

Today, Natalie Gahrmann is known as The Priority Pro.  She continues to help increase performance, productivity and joy by helping SuperBusy people be their best at work and in life.  She works extensively with high performing executive moms, entrepreneurs and business leaders to help achieve more of what matters most to their personal and professional success.

The Priority Prois inherently compassionate and caring, and has been trained to be a conscientious listener. Her background in business and human development has helped fine tune her skills and intuition to know how to understand and listen to others spoken and unspoken words. Her natural tendency is to be a sounding board for her clients, from which they can reflect upon their own ideas and strategies. Natalie’s positive up-beat and enthusiastic style has attracted clients such as executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, career transitioners, managers, small business owners, and new coaches. She is committed to work with her clients to help them take conscious actions toward creating the life they truly desire. She enjoys bringing a lightness into the reality of life by providing a fresh perspective to help overcome the barriers to happiness, satisfaction, and career or business success.

Our services are for SuperBusy professionals ready, able and committed to transform their life, their work or their business. We are dedicated to helping our clients be whole and fulfilled in every facet of their life. Our philosophy is to become a facilitator of success and joy to the people we coach or train. We seek to provide friendly, personal and professional support.

To be the leader in delivering programs that makes a positive difference in people’s lives.

To be the conduit that energizes career-committed professionals, small business owners, corporate leaders, executives, and parents to achieve better results, leverage their skills, grow their careers, manage their families, and gain fulfillment in their work and personal life.


To eNeRGize people to be their personal best at work and in life.