Coaching Packages

Under the eNeRGy Coaching brand, we’ve assisted individuals and organizations since 1997. We’ve partnered with our clients to help decrease distractions, increase performance, reduce employee stress, improve productivity, and create a culture of satisfaction in the workplace.  Coaching packages may be customized to meet your individual or organizational needs.  Basic packages include:

target picture

Target Practice

Just-in-time coaching/training introductory session to help target developmental opportunities. No long-term commitment! No monthly retainer!

target pictureReady-Aim-Fire

Includes an Energy Leadership Index Assessment and debrief session. More in-depth analysis and coaching to provide a targeted development plan.


 target pictureFocused eNeRGy

 eNeRGy coaching in an exclusive 1-1 6-month program. Coaching sessions usually occur by phone 3 times each month with unlimited brief laser contact between scheduled calls.        


 target picturePriority Pro Individual Coaching Membership

A one year membership into the Priority Pro community with unlimited access to the Priority Pro for 1-1 coaching as needed,  but not to exceed 4 sessions per month. 


target picturePriority Pro Group Coaching Forum Membership

An on-going membership community that meets by phone weekly in a facilitated group with similar interests and challenges. The group arrangement provides a cost effective opportunity to gain support in a synergistic environment where participants can learn, grow, laugh, share, trouble-shoot and problem-solve. 

target pictureCorporate Bundle target picture

 A specially designed program for your rising stars, business leaders and key staff that includes an individual Leadership assessment; a 360 degree assessment (with up to 25 raters); an individual confidential debrief session; 6 months executive/leadership coaching, Just-in-Time Coaching for 3 additional months, the Energy Leadership Development System, Webinars/Teleclasses, and a kick-off presentation.

Call or use the contact form for pricing and to discuss your individual needs.