Coaching for SuperBusy™ Business Leaders


If you are an executive, business leader,  aspiring leader, entrepreneur, solo practitioner, or small business owner  looking for the best in executive coaching or leadership development, you’ve come to the right place! Our coaching programs uniquely focus on you as a whole person. We provide professional support to help you leverage your strengths and acquire the competencies, confidence and presence you need to dramatically increase your effectiveness. We eNeRGize people to take charge of their professional and personal lives and to live up to their fullest potential.

Leadership Coaching is one of the most effective tools available today to help you enhance your leadership skills, build your leadership presence, and increase your executive wisdom. It helps both new and experienced leaders identify and play to their strengths while working to improve in key target areas.


  • Clarify your career and leadership priorities.
  • Assess your leadership strengths and determine targeted areas for development.
  • Set goals that are motivating, challenging and attainable.
  • Discover actionable steps to move forward.
  • Improve your relationships with your direct reports, clients, and peers.
  • Increase your personal productivity.
  • Achieve career success while still having a life outside of work.

The coaching process is customized to best support you professionally as well as personally according to your focus and timetable, ranging from immediate crisis consulting to regularly-scheduled weekly or biweekly sessions. The preferred format for coaching sessions is by telephone, although in-person consultations may be scheduled in some circumstances. All sessions are kept strictly confidential and the person being coached supplies the “agenda” for each session. Our experienced coaches function as expert listeners, careful observers and challenging questioners in a way that helps you, the client, maintain responsibility but with deeper insight, clarity, confidence and courage.



Experience the benefits of coaching firsthand. Call The Priority Pro at 908-392-7098 or email to schedule an introductory coaching session and see how working with a coach can help you achieve your greatest potential.