Career Coaching


Designed to help you gain clarity and focus in your career.  It guides you to develop a strategic plan to help weather a career transition, facilitate professional skill development to help you succeed on the job, transform your current career, and much more. 

You can choose an individualized custom program or the Now What?®  Program.

The Now What?®  Program is offered in two different formats—as a 12 week individual coaching program or a group coaching program.  You choose the format best suited to your learning style and budget.

“I have been working with Coach Natalie for several months to help me transition to a job outside the corporate environment. She has been incredibly helpful in allowing me to focus on what is truly important to me and to take the outlook that things are possible if you look at them a different way. Coach Natalie is very easy to talk to and inspires great trust and confidence. I truly appreciate her insights and look forward to our coaching sessions each week.”

~ M. Cuschieri (Career Transition Client)

The Now What?®  Program can help you:

  • Break down barriers to clarity so that you have more direction.
  • Learn how your past shows you clues to your future.
  • Find a sense of purpose for your life.
  • Get to know yourself like never before.
  • Discover what long-held beliefs hold you back.
  • Determine your real criteria for happiness in your work and life.
  • Face money obstacles head-on.
  • Research career choices and confirm your best options.
  • Create a plan and finally go after what you truly want in your life.

Individual Now What?®  Program Specifics
You gain the benefit of working one-to-one which your career coach in a confidential, structured environment. You get personal attention, ask individual questions, and experience the privilege of unlimited email access to your coach between scheduled weekly sessions. Each of the 12 weekly sessions is 30 minutes long.  Read the Now What? Brochure to learn more about the program.

Experience the benefits of coaching firsthand. Call The Priority Pro at 908-392-7098 or email to schedule an introductory coaching session and see how working with a coach can help you achieve your greatest potential.