Unwrap Holiday Stress in Your Super Busy life

You know how committed I am to your leadership growth and expansion. It
brings me immense joy to bring you great information and talented people that can stimulate your thinking and creativity.

This time of year, as our thoughts turn to the holidays, it’s easy to get
distracted. One of the major distractions, for many folks, can be tension
and anxiety about their upcoming holiday get-together with family.

If you, or someone you know, is feeling stressed out about a family
get-together this holiday season, let me point you to a helpful resource
that can help you create inner peace and calm for this holiday’s

It’s a 10-step e-book called: “Holiday Stress Unwrapped: Countdown to
Holiday Calm; How to Find & Live Your Own Personal Peace,” by the Dalai Momma. As background, my coaching colleague, Penni Wild, is the creator of the Dalai Momma and founder of Real Life Magic. You can click on her picture at the site to learn more about her.

Imagine if you could have more joy this holiday season for the price of a
good bottle of wine or a couple of grande lattes at your favorite coffee
shop?! How much more relaxed would you be if you had less stress, less
tension, less anxiety going into the holidays?

Get your practical, easy-to-do personal peace steps today. Learn more by
clicking this link: http://www.dalaimomma.com/?id=19 or visit

Create a stress-free holiday season!!

Yours truly,

Coach Natalie

P.S. Be sure to let Penni know that you heard about her book through me!

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