Music at Work

Studies show that it’s pretty easy for us to keep music in the background when we focus on something else. Some agree with this statement while others strongly disagree.

In an article I read in the Star Ledger this past Sunday in the Job Finder section, “Tune in, Tune Out: The Emerging Etiquette of Earbuds and Music at Work” they mentioned a 2006 Harris Interactive Poll that found nearly 90% if workers age 18 to 39 say music improves their job satisfaction and productivity. About one third of employees were plugged into person music devices in 2006.

I believe that if plugging in a set of headphones and listening to music helps increase productivity, then go for it! Unfortunately, sometimes people sing out loud, have music loud enough others could here it, dance in their chair or do other actions that are distracting to others around them. So, if policy in your workplace allows music, be mindful of others around you and respectful of their needs to work in a non-distracting environment. A little bit of etiquette and common courtesy could make this a non-issue all the way around!

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