Lazy or bored??

I wonder how many lazy people are in fact bored and might benefit from more work rather than less?

Too often, people are labeled as lazy when they’re caught searching the Internet or gazing out the window. Problem is that without being mentally challenged, they are distracted and bored. This leads to lower productivity and decreased job satisfaction.

There may be extensive consequences to your behavior and it may easily be misconstrued. Many of the reasons people get fired are related to the perception that they are lazy. If you can’t stay motivated about your job and focused on your work, you’re in trouble! Being passionate about your work will bring the greatest levels of success.

Be a big picture thinker and connect the work you are doing to the bottom-line. Rather than getting bogged down in the details of a boring task that feels meaningless connect it to the bigger picture. Keep abreast of your overall goals and realize that your current task is just a small step along the way to accomplishing your bigger goals, whatever they may be. If you’re not busy enough, or the majority of your work feels meaningless, volunteer for other projects and opportunities. Align with the company’s goals and get noticed for doing quality work rather than goofing off.

Limit your time on social networking sites, surfing the Internet, socializing, visiting message boards, and personal phone calls. When you’re bored (or possibly avoiding work you don’t want to do—we’ll talk about this in another BLOG post soon!), you are much more likely to peruse these sites and get absorbed into their content.

Lastly, if you’re still feeling a little bored or even lazy either take a walk to help you re-focus or do a quick breathing exercise. A breathing exercise I use and teach during some of my seminars is to:

  1. Close your eyes if you can.
  2. Take a slow deep breath in (at least 5-count) and let if fill your abdomen as much as you can. (You’ll know you’re doing it right when you see your belly rise; your chest should not inflate.)
  3. Hold for a count of 3-5.
  4. Exhale to a 5-count through your mouth. (You should feel the breathe blowing out of your mouth)

Be aware of how you spend your time throughout the day. Be careful of the perception you might be giving out to others. Is this what you really want to be communicating?

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