Incredibly Super Busy

This month I’ve taken on many more commitments than usual. With it being the holiday season and my daughter acting in her first play, I sometimes wonder why I’ve taken on so much.

Like many people, I enjoy being wanted and needed. I like feeling important. Although this may be difficult to admit, it’s in fact very common. We often take on more than perhaps we should because of the primary need of being accepted. Being a coach and knowing how quickly things can spiral when we take on too much, I’ve learned to pace myself and to stay focused on the present. With many in my family worrying about holiday parties that are still weeks away, my aunt’s surprise 95th birthday out in Long Island, and tending to all the holiday decorations, I’ve taken a much different approach….and I find it’s working!

I have 8 speaking presentations planned for December and a really big one scheduled in Las Vegas in January. All different topics, of course! I’m also working on a free 7 week e-course that will be announced soon. But in order to offer the course, I needed to select a shopping cart solution that met my needs. This took some time, research, and advising. When I finally selected the WAHM-Cart solution (I’ll keep you posted about this one because if I like it, I’ll set-up an affiliate program with them!), I realized that I’m right in the heart of my busiest period and really don’t have time to set it up (I’ve lost some of my technical astuteness when I left the Corporate world and no longer had the latest technology with all the bells and whistles available at my fingertips.) So, I tapped into my virtual assistant (well, he’s actually my web designer, and a great all around helper, Adam Hommey at Assess Communicate) to bail me out and keep things going even though I’m spending time somewhere else.

I’ve also decided to eliminate my annual holiday newsletter, have delegated the decorating to my husband and kids, have arranged for help from my mother-in-law, and have given up wasting time worrying about things and instead use the time to plan and prevent. What I’ve learned is that it’s ok to refocus and reprioritize, even if it’s just for this one year. We could revisit traditions next year and decide which ones we want to continue or replace. I’ve also learned to trust that everything will work out exactly how it’s supposed to. I get to where I need to go on time…miraculously, the lights are all green and traffic opens up when I need it (well, most of the time but definitely not always!). My copies are ready on time. Meals are prepared. And, everyone, including me gets to where they have to go. My family has become a team this holiday season with everyone taking on different roles and tasks and everything important getting done!

Hope this helps you re-think your holidays and busy times!

Warm regards,

Coach Natalie

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