Increasing Workload Issues

I presented another “Too Much on my Plate” program yesterday for a corporate client.

Although most of the people in my audiences feel an intense pressure and overwhelm with the expectations placed on them at work, this audience seemed to suffer even more!

There was a field sales person who expressed his frustration with his work being driven down from higher level managers rather than customers or his own self-management of his client-base. He also has absolutely no support team at work to rely on or delegate work to.

This man sounded like he has star performer potential but yet the company with its bureaucracy and lean workforce, prohibits him from fully achieving his best.

All over, I hear similar concerns! Employees really want to do their best. They want to exceed customer expectations. They want to deliver on-time with high-quality results. Yet, even though many work an extended work week, including nights, weekends and vacation, there isn’t enough time to accomplish everything that’s expected. There’s never any down time…any critical thinking time…any time for innovation…problem-solving…or even self-care.

Don’t companies realize the potential cost to them? When the economy recovers, employees will seek out other more reasonable options. Companies are already faced with increasing health-care costs, lower quality products and services, poor relationships and teamwork, and more!

It’s time to start respecting employees and for employees to start respecting themselves.

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One Response to “Increasing Workload Issues”
  1. Joy says:

    I think I am the crazed employee mentioned here in this post although I have never seen you speak! I really want to do a good job but I am totally frustrated that I keep getting more work but never have anyone to turn to to help execute the work, client contracts, etc. I need to ask more questions, push back appropriately, set better personal limitations and boundaries so that I have more control. Thanks for sharing this post and helping me feel that I am NOT alone!

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