Gaining Self Awareness

Gaining awareness is an important key to living a full and balanced life.

Self awareness includes knowing what’s important to you, what brings you stress, and what you enjoy. Knowing your values, needs, preferences, strengths, limitations, beliefs, habits, and priorities will help you make better decisions, communicate more effectively, and boost your satisfaction, performance and effectiveness. Self awareness is the first step toward maximizing your skills, leveraging your strengths, and boosting your performance so that you can really “have it all”.

You can deepen your self awareness through deeper listening. Begin noticing what throws you off balance and what brings you calm and fulfillment. Awareness is about being mindful, present in your life. Listen to your inner voice, to the people around you who care about you, and listen to your environment. When many things ‘break down’ around you, something probably isn’t working right. Notice what you’re attracting in your life.

I had a client, I’ll call her Dawn. She was attractive, intelligent, and a successful business sales executive at 46 years old. She was the mother of 3. When I asked her how long she’s felt out of balance, she replied, “just recently, maybe a month or so”. After we talked a bit longer, I found that 3 years earlier she divorced her husband after he abused her. The situation was so bad, that he ended up in jail. She immersed herself in her work, had few friends, drank diet soda for lunch, didn’t exercise, rarely slept.

Dawn had stopped listening to her life that was whirling out-of-control because it seemed easier to micro-focus on her work. She didn’t deal with her emotions because it was too hard. When work began failing, she called me. Once Dawn started listening to her life, she redefined success on her own terms, began trusting more, and delegating at work and home. She was reclaiming a sense of balance, energy and fulfillment.

Once Dawn began listening to her inner voice she made changes to her life and began living from the inside out. Self awareness is essential to living a balanced and fulfilling life! Both my workbook, and my coaching can help you gain self awareness. Althoug this is something you can certainly do on your own, have a partner who is unbiased objective and can hold things confidential, can help accelerate the process or bring it deeper.

I love being a resource for people who are exploring who they are and getting to know themselves newly. Let me know how I can help you!

Best regards,

Coach Natalie

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Natalie Gahrmann, an international expert, empowers professional women to ignite their passion, demonstrate personal leadership and exude greater confidence. Her background in business acumen and leadership development is instinctively applied through 1-1 coaching, workshops and keynote presentations. She can help you gain clarity, focus and direction so that you accomplish more of what's important to YOU!

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