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Habits are nothing more than thoughts you keep thinking or the words you use to speak about them. If you have habits that are no longer working for you, the first step is to identify the thoughts you have around that particular habit. Be aware of how that thought feels to you and then replace it with thoughts that feel better. If you’re not sure if your habits are working for you, look at how they make you feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually because that will help provide some indication.

In an e-course I received about this topic from my colleague, Eva Gregory (Leading, Wake Up to the Dream, an example she provided was, rather than holding a thought that you really ‘need to give up sugar’ or you really ‘want to give up sugar’, change your thoughts from those that sound obligatory or wishful to one of decision. ‘I have decided to give up sugar’. Can you feel the difference in those statements? ‘Needing’ or ‘wanting’ sounds wishy washy. ‘Deciding’ is much more powerful and grounded. Now take it a step further. Change the focus from what you don’t want – in this case, sugar – to what you DO want in its place… healthier eating habits, for example. So reach for another thought. For instance, “I have decided to eat healthily now” or “I am eating healthily now” or “I have decided to have healthy eating habits now.” Then ‘act as if’. Pretend you are now eating only healthy foods and loving your new eating habits and how you are feeling. How DOES it feel? Visualize what that’s like for 30 seconds. Now let it go. Everytime you think of sugar or reach for something sweet, go back to your new thought, “I have decided to eat healthily now.” Then notice what you are inspired to do in that moment. It may be to eat the sweets anyway; it may be to eat only a bite; it may be to bypass it altogether. The important thing is to NOT beat yourself up about it if you do choose to eat it. If you’re going to eat it, ENJOY IT!!! Then come back to the new habit of thought you are creating, “I have decided to eat healthily now”. Spend another 30 seconds visualizing how it FEELS to be eating healthily and let it go. Keep repeating this process, being gentle with yourself in the moments you eat less than healthily, acknowledging the times when you ARE eating more healthily, and over time you will gradually change your habit for good!

According to Eva, this process works for changing both physical habits and emotional habits. Changing your eating habits is a physical change you make in what you are eating. Changing an emotional habit is a matter of commiting to a change in perspective. For example, you can change a habit of thought such as “I rarely reach my goals in the timeframe I set, therefore I’m a failure” to “I know my goals are always reached in perfect timing, no matter what.” By being willing to change your perspective, you literally shift your energy from one of resistance to one of relaxation and allowing, and in that shift you become an open vortex for your goals to be realized much more easily, and truly in perfect timing!

You can discard unhealthy habits and create more healthy habits just by taking conscious effort and being consistent. It may not be easy, but it will definitely be worth it!

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