Unexpected Occurences

My son broke his right wrist on Friday when we went skiing/snow-boarding beings they had the day off for a teacher’s in-service day. So, not unlike any of you who are also Super Busy Parents, I needed to rearrange my schedule so that I could get my son to the doctor on Tuesday.

As working parents we are often faced with the challenge of taking care of our personal/family life when we have commitments at work. Fortunately, I have made the choice 11 years ago to have my own business. This gives me extra flexibility but sacrifices the steady income and benefits I was receiving in the corporate world. I was able to re-arrange my individual coaching clients, participate in a meeting via conference call, and still attend a meeting I was scheduled to attend that evening. I called in my support network!

Building a strong support network is important for any working parents success, especially the Super Busy Parent! Having a support network allows you the option to call upon people and resources as needed. I phoned the Orthopedist’s office from the ski lodge to get their recommendations as to our best course of action for my son’s wrist, I called the Pediatrician to let her know what happened and get whatever referrals I’d need to get him the appropriate care in a timely fashion (here in America President’s weekend is a holiday weekend and most businesses are closed for President’s Day on Monday!), we called my daughter’s friend’s mother to inform her we were on our way home (and she offered to take the girls as soon as we arrived), we called my mother-in-law to have her let out the dog beings we didn’t know how long we’d be detained at the hospital, and over the weekend I called/emailed my clients to reschedule appointments.

Communication and a support network are crucial. So is keeping things organized so that you have what you need when you need it. Anticipating what you think you might need, may also save an extra trip (I got a copy of the xray while I was at the hospital this time and it saved me a trip back!)

How can you be better prepared for the unexpected??

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