Summertime Magic in your Super Busy Life

Summertime is in full swing and I am admittedly having difficulty sticking to a schedule or focusing on doing work. Although I enjoy my work immensely, I am so distracted by the kids being home and their seemingly carefree attitudes. And, perhaps my childhood memories of long summer days spent at the community swimming pool, traveling with my brothers and parents on family vacations, going to the beach and amusement parks, and playing outside with my cousins all day long at the playground just down the hill, have forever been etched into my memory and triggered my urge to slow down the pace and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Or, perhaps a successful business year and the belief that I will have more opportunities for speaking and coaching in the fall so I don’t have to push so hard this summer….I can trust that the opportunities will be there when I am ready for them.

So, I’ve cut back my client appointment hours and work my unscheduled time when I have the urge to. Like right now, it’s too hot to be outside and I’m too exhausted to go anywhere because we’ve spent the last few days running around to the amusement park, water park, the beach, and visiting friends. I’m going with the summertime flow and I hope that you and your children might have the opportunity to do some of the same. I know it’s hard to slow down your super busy life with a busy work schedule, deadlines, and other responsibilities tugging for your time and attention, but too soon, summer will be over, fall will arrive, and the back-to-school activities will take priority. Summertime magic will be over before you know it, if you’re not careful to enjoy the time while it’s here!

According to Patti Teel, author of “The Floppy Sleep Game Book” who is dubbed The Dream Maker by People magazine, “…unexpected, delightful events are part of the fun and wonder of the summer. But if our children’s days are overscheduled, they are likely to miss these unexpected delights and so will we, as we frenetically drive from one activity to the next. Even though your intentions may be good, avoid being overzealous about providing structured activities for your children. Be sure not to fill all your children’s time with lessons, summer camp, team sports, or other organized events. By eliminating the summer activities that are not particularly enjoyable or important to your child, you are likely to find the time and space to enjoy the surprises of the day as they arise. Even the smallest events can be exciting to children, and it is a wonderful gift to be able to see the world through their eyes. If you unexpectedly see a beautiful butterfly, follow it with your child. If you make a wrong turn while driving, see where it takes you. If your son or daughter wants to have a last-minute lemonade stand, go for it. Enjoy the effortless flow of summertime.”

Happy Summer!

Coach Natalie

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