Pets and Distractions

If you are a pet owner, you may understand another area of potential distraction that I personally discovered today. After I dropped my dog at the vet this morning for surgery to repair his torn ACL, I returned to my office and found it very difficult to focus on my work. I was on edge each and every time the phone rang because I was concerned that something might go wrong. Working from home, I also missed his company.

As I started researching this notion further, the first article I came across, “Four-Legged Distractions” , written by Lisa Belkin for the NY Times on March 28, 2001, acknowledged this problem. Lisa is a contributing writer and columnist with the NY Times since 1995, an author and radio talk show host who works from a home-based office. She shared the difficulty of working from home with her new puppy, Riley, frequently seeking her attention and affection. As an expert in balancing life, she recognizes the challenge of work vs. pet ownership.

Pets are an important part of the lives of many people. In fact, many pet owners report feeling guilty about leaving their animals at home when they go to work. In a study conducted by the American Animal Hospital Association, 75 percent of pet owners reported feeling guilty and 38 percent admitted to calling home to talk to their animals. Being a pet owner has added so much to my life including exercise, a loyal companion, and more! Now, as my dog “Nibbles” begins his aging process, I’ll undoubtedly experience many more distractions as he has more frequent health issues.

If you’re a pet owner, how do you handle the distractions?

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