Partner with the School

Even though life might feel too busy, get to know your child’s teacher(s), principal and other school personnel. Although you may not be available during the school day for regular activities, look for opportunities to participate in the hours you can. For instance, you can bring a dish to the annual pot luck dinner, attend PTA meetings, visit the school with your child prior to the start of the year, help with photocopying, etc. If they have a website, log on often to see what’s going on. Be aware of school regulations and help your child abide by them. Also, be sure to read school notices regularly.

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  1. homeschooling says:

    We hear every day from all sectors of our society about the significance of education. Our politicians often run under the slogan of “I am for education“,” I want to change our educational system, so we can compete with other emerging countries .

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