Making Prudent Decisions in your Super Busy Life

A prospective client asked me to provide some guidelines when making a decision because there is too much information and so many choices available today for just about anything. However, when life is super busy, it’s prudent to use your time wisely.

She wanted to plant a perennial garden along her new front walkway. She needed some guidance about how to do this. She talked to a few people, some garden shops, and a farm in her area that rasies and sells native perennials. She chose to follow the advice of the native perennial folks.

It’s important to have a process that will help you determine when you have enough information to make an informed decision. Too many people, especially those who like to do things perfectly (you know who you are!!), take too much time upfront in gathering data and making the decision and rarely get into action.

One of my clients wanted to remodel part of her basement to put in a home office. She decided that 3 contractors would be sufficient. She called them, scheduled an appointment, discussed the project with each, and received a proposal. She decided on the one that met her criteria the closest and hired him for the job.

Another client wanted to hire a professional organizer. She asked me for recommendtions. She also sought out other recommendtions. She had close to 20 recommendations on her list. As she began researching them and talking with them, she got bogged down in the process and didn’t end up hiring anyone (yet!)

Often when people are seeking a coach, they’ll contact me. If they aren’t sure about what they’re looking for, I’ll recommend that they talk to about 3 others, and sometimes, I’ll even give them recommendations about who to call based on what I’m hearing from them. This helps prospects make a decision and move ahead.

Limiting your research will help you avoid thinking about something indefinitely because it will provide some parameters. You need to make a choice on a way forward and move on it. Creating a decision-making process will help you maximize your time in your super busy life!

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Yours truly,
Coach Natalie

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