Make Room for FUN in YOUR Super Busy Life

Weekends can be an all-consuming list of to-do items that you never have the chance to get around to doing the fun activities that rejuvenate your spirit and make fond family memories.

A client of mine that I worked with a few years ago shared a tip with me that I ended up getting her permission to use in my book, Succeeding as a Super Busy Parent. Her tactic was to have a “Do Nothing” day about once a month. During this time the family faxially hung out together, played games, romped through the leaves and had quiet uninterrupted time alone. This time together was often scheduled but sometimes spontaneous when the need arose after a particularly hectic week. It became a family tradition and one of their much treasured activities during the past several years. Slowing down and having some downtime will help you and your family decompress after a super busy week.

If you’re one of the many who cringe at the thought of doing nothing, relax and start small. Perhaps, you can began with a simple pajama day when the kids don’t get dressed till noon, or better yet, stay in their jammies all day! Pop in a favorite DVD for the kids, while you and your partner slip back into bed for some quiet alone time. Or, how about jumping in the car and hitting the drive thru for breakfast then coming home and playing a game together. The possibilities are endless…the purpose is fun!

Please let me know what you and your family do for fun in your super busy lives! Email me at

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