Increasing Emphasis on Work/Life Balance is Worldwide

I am constantly on the lookout for trends and stories related to work/life balance. What I find is that this is an issue that spans the globe. It is clearly a global issue. I’ve read about problems faced by employers and employees across the US and in Canada, Australia, India, throughout parts of Europe, and more. Some countries seem to have more policies and support in place than others, yet this is a very broad issue.

In India, I read that there’s an increasing emphasis on work life balance across companies. As a result, human resources are being viewed by most organisations in a more holistic manner. Work life imbalance and stress feed on each other. Happier employees are more productive and more loyal. Flexible working opportunities and a platform for employees to maintain a healthy balance between work and home benefit everyone. Having an engaged employee is largely dependant on the ability of the organisation to keep pace with changing employee expectations and providing a platform to strike that perfect balance.

This is no different from anywhere else….or is it?

Yours truly,

Coach Natalie Gahrmann

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