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With just about everyone having too much on their plate these days, we all have Obsessive Distraction Disorder (O.D.D.). Distractions pull us away from what we say is important to us.

As I was getting dressed on Saturday morning, I caught a short segment on the CBS Early Morning show featuring Dr. Jenn Berman, a well-known Psychotherapist. The piece was about putting sex back in your marriage (something many are too distracted to do!)

Dr. Jenn Berman shared 5 keys to “Getting Heat Back Between Those Sheets”. These tips closely align with the need to Assess what’s on your plate; Integrate with what matters most; and Maintain the Alignment going forward. One of the key problems is that we are exhausted and over-stressed because we over-schedule our lives. This effects our ability and desire to be intimate in the bedroom. To better balance, say “No” more often so that you have more time, energy and interest to say “Yes” to your relationship. Ultimately everytime you say “yes” to something you are indeed saying “no” to something else. Be aware of this so that you can pace yourself and avoid tapping out your energy before you get to your partner.

She also mentioned the importance of communicating without placing blame. Personally, I’ve found that something I learned when watching my wedding video 19 years ago and listening to a toast by our Uncle Steve…”Your marriage needs two important things to thrive and they can be summed up with the initials P U. You need patience and understanding.” I’ve lived by this and also treat my husband and our relationship with the utmost respect that it deserves.

For a marriage to succeed in these times when everyone seems to have too much on their plate, it takes conscious effort! Other tips from Dr. Jenn Berman may be viewed at the video online at: .

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