Enjoy Your Super Busy Life

My family and I decided to celebrate Independence Day together on my brother-in-law’s boat. We slowed down and enjoyed the fun time together. Originally we had other plans but they fell through because my friend’s dad was still in the hospital and she’s been spending most of her time there ensuring he gets the best care.

So, we enjoyed a day of fishing in the Atlantic Highlands of NJ. I didn’t fish because I wanted to participate by watching and relaxing. After several hours, the kids were ahead catching fish and we had 5 keepers (in NJ fluke need to be at least 16.5 inches to be kept!). They also caught a bunch of Sea Robins, a Blue, and a plastic bag! It was lots of fun!

As the sky turned gray we decided to head in. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it when the storm hit. We were on a 16 ft. fishing boat with high winds, rain and hail, thunder and lightening. It was very scary! At times, my brother-in-law couldn’t see in front of him. We sheltered the kids the best we could and prayed. When we made it back to the dock, the kids were off the boat running….so fast I couldn’t keep up with them!

When we realized we were safe, we could reflect back on the horror and danger. We could also thank the Lord and Cherish our Life even just a bit more.

What needs to happen for you to cherish your life?
Remember life is precious and each of us has a lot to be thankful for each and every day (some days more than others!!)

Yours truly,
Coach Natalie

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