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I received the latest issue of Working Mother magazine this morning. I haven’t had the chance to open it but I noticed that this issue features the Top 100 best companies for working moms. Each year Working Mother magazine surveys and assesses thousands of companies using five main criteria as the basis for its judgments: flexibility, leave time for new parents, child care, elder care, and the number of women occupying top jobs. Companies like J&J and IBM have been on the list consistently each year since the annual list came out 21 years ago.

I remember how AT&T made the list every year when I was employed there. However, availability of benefits really came down to your direct management. My last manager, when I had my second child, was adamantly opposed to anything other than a full nine hour day in the office. She felt that she raised her daughter and got through it so anybody else could do it, too. This, and being offered an enhanced voluntary package, ultimately became my reasons for leaving the corporate world.

Even those who work in companies recognized for their outstanding work environment for working moms, are often faced with issues and challenges because their supervision doesn’t support work/life balance; their job doesn’t lend itself well to flexibility or alternative work arrangements; the perceptions of those around you who frown upon you leaving promptly at 5:00 pm, coming in at 9:00 am, or leaving during the day to pick up a sick child from school; or, your own unwillingness to ask for what you need. I also have clients in the opposite situation–they work for family un-friendly companies. Some have managed to negotiate for what they need to be most efficient and effective at their job. While others feel stuck in an impossible situation that causes them extreme amounts of stress.

I personally believe in taking things into my own hands, whenever possible. I’ve helped many of my clients design and communicate their requests for flexibility so that they can excel their effectiveness at work and home. It’s not impossible unless you really believe it to be so! If your company doesn’t support your needs as a super busy parent, why not look into employment at one of the Top 100 companies?!?!

I’m curious how you’d rate your employer in their ability to meet your work, life and parenting needs. Please email me at to confidentially share your personal experiences.


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