Balance demands in Your Super Busy Lives

With the school year resuming and many fall activities starting back up, a question I am frequently asked by my clients is how to help children balance the demands of school and extracurricular activities.

What I’ve learned over the years is that it’s important to teach kids how to set priorities. Help them realize that they can’t do everything; at least, not all at once (and, by the way, neither can you!). This is crucial as they move up the grades: Elementary school kids can do many things, but as they get older and each activity requires more time and attention, they have to learn to prioritize. So start early: “We can go to the park and play, or we can go for a swim, but we can’t do both. You choose.” That’s the key: Get them used to making decisions.

If you see the signs of overload, such as inadequate sleep, inability to concentrate, or moodiness recognize that they may be feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. Just like adults, children, can experience these same things when their life is too hectic.

Be alert and watch for signs of stress in your kids. Do something about it as soon as possible to avoid other possible disasters from occuring!

Good luck!

Yours truly,
Coach Natalie

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