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I conducted a workshop yesterday about Staying Active for employees of IEEE.  It reminded me of the importance to your health, well-being and positive energy. 

Physical activity is so important that it has been added to the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Pyramid.  Exercise not only helps you lose weight but it’s key to maintaining a healthy weight and minimizing risks of heart disease, controlling cholesterol levels, preventing bone loss, increasing strength and endurance, and supporting and strengthening your immune system.

If you’re one that either hates to exercise or doesn’t seem to have time, select any types of physical activities that you enjoy doing. Try combining activities into what you’re already doing…park your car in the parking lot at the store? Then, park further away and walk briskly (be sure you’re safe!). Work on the 10th floor in your building?….Take the stairs instead of the elevator!

For those who still say they don’t have time, read my article on “Fitting Fitness into Your Too Busy Schedule”.

Overcome those barriers to staying active by setting small reachable goals and brainstorming ways to better manage your time. If you still need help, contact me!!  If you exercise regularly, share your tips in the comments section so that others may learn and adapt what works for you!

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