National Stress Awareness Day: April 16

Each year on April 16 (the day after tax day here in the US!) National Stress Awareness Day is celebrated as part of honoring April as National Stress Awareness month. Now, realize please, I don’t believe that this is only a national issue but a worldwide chronic problem as people continually suffer from illnesses and issues related to stress. And, I know that stress is an issue that affects most people on a daily basis. 

As you celebrate National Stress Awareness Day, pause (at least briefly!) to take a look at your stressful life and deal with it in a much healthier manner. Here are just a few relevant, practical and (hopefully) timely tips to help you handle your stress today: 

 1. Prioritize 

 Do what matters most to you before you run out of time and energy. Instead of jamming your day full with things to do, consciously assess which of these tasks needs to be done by you, which can be done by someone else, and which, quite frankly really don’t need to be done at all.  Target what matters most and you’ll feel a bigger sense of accomplishment! Stop worrying about trying to do everything and be everything to everyone and instead—FOCUS! 

 2. Set Realistic Expectations 

 Practice establishing more realistic standards for yourself and expectations of yourself and others. Avoid setting unrealistic goals for yourself. Be sure to allow sufficient time to achieve your goals and realize occasional setbacks may occur. Stop expecting anything—expectations and reality are often two entirely different things. 

 3. Keep things in Perspective 

 Make a conscious choice not to become angry, frustrated or upset about trivial and unimportant things. Stop allowing yourself to waste your thoughts and energy where it isn’t deserved. Separate what you can and can’t control so that you can focus on that which you can control. Instead of just worrying, determine which actions you can take and begin step-by-step to think things through and move toward your more desired outcome. 

 4. Eliminate Artificial Stress Relievers 

 Cut out artificial stress reducers such as alcohol and drugs, which can mask symptoms and often make symptoms worse. Eat a well-balanced diet which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as foods which are high in complex carbohydrates, moderate amounts of protein, and low in fat. Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine which has been shown to increase anxiety. 

 5. Practice Self-Care 

 Today is a Friday and it’s a beautiful sunny day so why not go outdoors to enjoy a little sunshine?!? A little activity and some good self-care can have amazing ramifications on your stress level and will likely enhance your entire outlook towards life. Your improved attitude can have a positive effect on not only yourself, but everyone within your life. Nearly any form of self-care will help contribute to your well-being. It doesn’t necessarily have to cost anything or take a lot of time. Some people enjoy gardening, reading or even a vigorous walk or bike ride. Others relish in simply things like good dental hygiene, a nap, giggling with the kids, stroking a pet or eating healthy and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. No matter what you choose, begin caring for yourself as well as you care for others! 

Although we know the importance of healthy eating, exercising to help reduce stress, and ways to avoid stressful situations before they even happen, we often work too much, sleep too little, skimp on exercise, and eat the wrong foods. Start today by making more conscious choices to help you control your stress.

I’d love to help you handle your stress–let me know how I can do that!

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